Welcome to my blog!

My main interests include computers and mathematics. I am well versed in operating and maintaining Linux servers, including web technologies like Apache, PHP, MYSQL, SSH, NFS and SAMBA. I also have experience with FreeBSD servers as i run one at home. In addition I run a few of my own personal Linux servers as well that use a variety of technologies i have stated above as well as security technologies including tripwire, iptables, AppArmour, SELinux, dm-crypt, gpg and others.

I have many tangible skills in the fields of computer science, mathematics and general technology . I enjoy programming and can apply a variety of languages to do the task at hand including Bash Shell, C, C++, Java, C#, Racket, Scheme, Haskell and Python. To me the language used is just another tool and i consider myself versatile enough to learn new programming languages due to the variety i already know. I have a great passion for computer science specifically in the subtopics of compilers, language design, networking, the relation of mathematics and computational evaluation, functional programming, and programming paradigms.

My great interest and capabilities earned me acknowledgement by Sun Microsystems Netbeans project at age 15. Outside of technology i like to engaged in physically related interests such as (but not limited to) long-boarding, snowboarding, as well as playing a variety of recreational sports including hockey, football, soccer and tennis.